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Kevin Robinson, of Counsel

Kevin Robinson has nearly two decades of experience in health care and hospital public relations, marketing, and legislative advocacy. He led communications and marketing at Vermont’s third largest health system, where he won four best-in-New-England awards for crisis communications as well as writing, employee communications and marketing awards. He is also well-versed in human services issues, as he handled communications and media relations for the only child welfare agency to serve all 62 counties in New York, from Long Island to Buffalo.

Kevin’s legislative advocacy efforts include reforms in provider taxes and increases in Medicaid payments for hospitals and physicians. He served on the working group that implemented Vermont's hospital report cards. On the Federal level, he was active in a successful legislative outreach to extend the Medicare Dependent Hospital provision. He has a deep understanding of health care funding mechanisms and state government as well as extensive experience in health care marketing, market research, and strategic planning.

In addition, Kevin has a strong background in technology and academics. He was a scientific journalist covering the laser industry for a leading photonics trade journal, worked as a technical editor for a federally-funded research project on magnetohydrodynamics, and taught composition, literature and technical writing at two major research universities.


He holds a master's degree in English literature and has completed all but his dissertation for a Ph.D. in the nineteenth-century British novel.