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JJ&W's Four Areas of Practice


JJ&W's specialties are clustered into four areas of practice, each bringing critical skills and expertise to the table in order to address most organizational problems or opportunities: 


 Behavioral Strategic Planning                Research & Audits 


 Organizational Development                   Crisis Planning & Containment



  Behavioral Strategic Planning


Every problem or opportunity needs a strategic action plan to be successful.  JJ&W draws from a deep knowledge of the social sciences to build the foundation of a plan that will achieve your goals.

We work with clients to craft strategies that are:

And, JJ&W strategic plans are effective because our approach:

JJ&W assists  clients in building plans for an individual goal, a long range departmental plan or even an entire organizational direction.  We do not generate cookie-cutter plans -- they just do not work.  We integrate a blend of social science theories and practice with case studies and extensive experience to create strategic plans specific to your organization and situation.




  Research & Audits


Key to building relationships and motivating positive behavior is getting inside the minds and hearts of an organization's publics.  And key to successful plans and programs are integrated evaluation systems that can evaluate a program's effectiveness to keep it on track, prove its worth to management, and help make thoughtful decisions on whether to continue it in the future.

JJ&W has significant experience designing and managing qualitative and quantitative research that enables clients to:

We work closely with clients in designing research objectives and determining the best methodologies for their situation.  Our research process is based on Collaboration and Customization.

Typical projects include:

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  Organizational Development


JJ&W's organization development expertise helps organizations deal with roadblocks and use change as an opportunity to improve internal or external communication and relationships.  The result: an organization that speaks with One Clear Voice, well-positioned for its future.

We employ a two-step process -- Diagnosis and Intervention -- for managing change.  This includes:

Just as change is inevitable, resistance to change is common.  JJ&W counselors are experienced at identifying points of resistance and creating and implementing effective strategies for helping these individuals or groups.

JJ&W also designs programs that help organization adapt to the new culture brought about by change.  From analyzing ways to communicate more effectively and less expensively to identifying and overcoming roadblocks to progress, we can provide the critical skills needed to return an organization to productivity after major change.


JJ&W is experienced and licensed in the following evaluation tools:

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  Crisis Planning & Containment


Crisis planning is crucial to the successful reputation management of any company.  No organization is immune from potential threats: mergers, operational failure, boycotts, environmental disruptions, emotional issues, downsizing, strikes, scandals or declining stock price.

Preparation is the key to successfully navigating through a crisis.  JJ&W understand the phases of a crisis and how to direct resources to move through the difficult areas and diffuse the emotion of the situation. We help organizations with:

Recognizing that even with anticipation and planning, clients will still face crises.  JJ&W helps clients navigate through the turbulence of a crisis in progress and return to productivity.


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