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Lois Sekerak Hogan, Ph.D
A 15-year veteran of JJ&W, Lois completed a doctorate in human and organizational systems in order to enhance her knowledge of the critical relationship and interdependencies between an organization and its key stakeholders: employees, customers, communities in which it is located, regulatory agencies, etc. 
She has worked with organizations in a wide range of industries including: pharmaceutical, financial, transportation, oil & gas, manufacturing and more.  Her expertise is in understanding the dynamics, issues and opportunities that enable an organization to strengthen constituency relationships. By engaging hands, hearts and minds, these approaches help create partnerships that further the mission and strategic business objectives of the organization.
As an applied behavioral scientist, she has helped design and execute research approaches to better understand the perspectives and needs of key stakeholders and has assisted organizational leaders in analyzing and applying this data to develop communication strategies, programs and vehicles. 
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