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Robin P. Schell
Senior Counsel & Partner
(603) 770-3607
rschell@ jjwpr.com


Stacey Smith
Senior Counsel & Partner
(603) 205-6302


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Our Passion ... is to help organization achieve effective relationships with both internal and external stakeholders, so that mutually desired behaviors result.




 Our Values ... are at the core of everything we do. We believe strongly in:


    A Collaborative Approach: By continually involving the client in the planning process we

    are sure to create solutions that meet their objectives and that fit their organization's culture.


    Public Relations as a Social Science: Our practice of public relations draws from the

    behavioral, communication and management fields. This grounding in human nature helps us

    better  design programs that will motivate or change behavior.


    Confidentiality of Our Client Base: We often deal with an organization's critical issues. 

    Therefore, we are often privy to confidential information. For this reason, we do not list our 

    clients or share specific information about projects we have done without client permission.


    Professional Development: Continued professional development of our counselors benefits  

    our clients by keeping us current on the newest trends, theories and techniques. We strongly  

    advocate professional development for the firm's members as well as our colleagues and the 

    profession overall.


    Building Client "Muscle": Just as we encourage members of our firm to grow professionally, 

    we encourage clients to do the same by working with us to understand the strategies and theories

    we use. While we'll always be there to offer advice, our goal is to help each client develop the

    "muscle" to stand on their own.


    Community and Public Service: We feel a strong sense of responsibility to our local 

    communities. Counselors volunteer on a variety of public service projects for non-profit 

    organizations. We serve on Boards and provide strategic public relations counsel as well as

    hands on, tactical support.