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Additional Myer Briggs Testing Tools Available:


MBTI® Personal Impact Report
Help clients clearly understand the impact of their personality type in key areas of their lives.
MBTI® Report for Healthcare Professionals
Provides insights to better understand the perspective, needs, and approach to care required by individual patients.
MBTI® Step II™ Profile - Form Q
Explore the facets of your client's MBTI® type
MBTI® Step II™ Interpretive Report - Form Q
Help clients see how their facet results show how they express their type preferences
MBTI® Profile - Form M
Provide a basic profile of your client's MBTI® type at an economical price
MBTI® Interpretive Report - Form M
Delivers a concise yet thorough interpretation of your client's MBTI® results
MBTI® Interpretive Report for Organizations - Form M
Build on employee strengths and develop target areas identified in this report
Save time and extend your organizational reach with this all-in-one Myers-Briggs® assessment plus interpretation
MBTI® Self-Scorable - Form M
Provide an immediate yet comprehensive administration of the MBTI® tool
MBTI® Team report - Form M
Develop high-functioning teams with this powerful tool
MBTI® Communication Style Report
Improve individual and team communication with this new report
MBTI® Work Styles Report - Form M
Enhancing Two-Way Communication in Organizations
MBTI® Career Report — Form M
Find the best occupational match for your clients or students with this report
MBTI® Decision-Making Style Report
Help individuals make better decisions—and more impactful contributions—with this new report
MBTI® Stress Management Report
Describes the impact of stress on personality characteristics and provides tips for leveraging strengths to deal with stress effectively
MBTI® Conflict Style Report
Help individuals manage conflict and enhance relationships in the process.
FIRO-B® Profile
Provide a basic profile of your client's FIRO-B® scores
FIRO-B® Interpretive Report for Organizations
Provide insightful information about your clients' FIRO-B® results in the world of work
Leadership Report Using FIRO-B® and MBTI®
Help your clients learn more about their leadership style
FIRO Business® Profile Administration
Provide a basic profile of your client's FIRO Business® results
FIRO Business® Leadership Report
Provide insight into communication styles and behavior that affect leadership performance
Fundamental Interpersonal Relations Orientation- The FIRO assessments are based on social need theory: all living things seek equilibrium between their basic needs and getting those needs met. They address, gather, and present critical insights around these fundamental areas:

Initial psychological research that the FIRO is based on was conducted for the United States Naval Research Labs

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