“As he always does, Chris Graves from Ogilvy’s Center for Behavioral Science, gave an inspiring, albeit brief lecture on the development of a “Sensemaking Genome” for stakeholders.  No longer, admonished Graves, should we slice and dice our stakeholders by common demographics but elevate our analyses to the underlying psychological make-up of our publics.”

JUST published by the Institute for PR’s Behavioral Insights Group, Stacey Smith, Senior Counsel & Partner at JJ&W summarized a panel presentation she did at IPR’s Bridge Conference, March 2023 in D.C. with Dr. Terry Flynn, Academic Director at McMaster-Syracuse University, Dave Scholz, Chief Strategy Officer, Leger and Director of the IPR Behavioral Insights Research Center, and Chris Graves from Ogilvy’s Center for Behavioral Science. Go to the Institute’s website to read in full (see URL below). While there, check out other great papers and research on this important subject.

Why Behavioral Insights Improve PR Outcomes

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