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  • Crisis by Board Member

    Front and center in the news the last few days has been the drama around Elon Musk joining Twitter’s Board of Directors.  The controversy has to do primarily with Musk’s alignment (or non-alignment) with the values and culture of the Twitter family.  Whether your organization is for profit or not-for-profit, it raises an interesting question:  […]

  • Talking About Suicide: A PR Strategy for raising awareness of a difficult subject

    The NH Coalition for Suicide Prevention, spearheaded by the Brain Injury Association of NH, was recently launched to raise awareness about the issue of suicide among members of vulnerable populations like people with brain injuries, people with disabilities, Veterans, first responders, police and the elderly.  Their work complements the efforts of other NH organizations focusing […]

  • Beyond COVID-19: Issue Anticipation For 2022

    If we can force ourselves to peek beyond COVID and see what issues/crises might be coming in 2022, we may be able to prepare ahead of them.  That was the topic of the panel presented prior to the Yankee Chapter of PRSA (Public Relations Society of America) annual meeting, moderated by Robin Schell, APR, Fellow […]

  • Helping Others To Take Care of Our Veterans: Campaigns Encourage Sharing of Resources and Support While Building Teamwork and CSR

    In the month of November, and on Veterans Day in particular, we focus on those who have served, or are currently serving our country, and we thank them for their service.  JJ&W “Ask the Question” Listens Then Shares Resources In its effort to listen and better serve the community, the NH Legislative Commission on PTSD […]

  • Life Is Good: How To Live With Purpose & Enjoy The Ride!

    The authors of the Life Is Good book (and founders of the Life Is Good company), Bert and John Jacobs, grew up in my hometown of Needham.  They lived across the street from the Cricket Playground where we spent summers playing kickball, singing silly songs, and playing games in the field house on rainy days.  […]

  • How To Say “No” Effectively to Leadership

    Such a joy to be back IN PERSON for a presentation at the National School Public Relations Association (NSPRA) annual seminar last week.  It reinforces how important face-to-face communication is in building relationships and cementing our learning. My colleague John Lyday, APR, Fellow PRSA and I presented on the challenges and strategies needed to say […]

  • Pearls of Wisdom from pr Road Warriors

    Last week I had the pleasure of moderating a panel at the PRSA Northeast District Conference called, “Pearls of Wisdom From PR’s Road Warriors.”  One of the things I value most about my membership in the Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the willingness of our members to share their experiences (as well as […]

  • Using the Triggering Event of COVID to Impact Culture Change

    Triggering events, whether created for us or by us, can create a fissure in the current behaviors and beliefs of stakeholders. These fissures, if smartly managed, can help transform an organization’s culture. Even before the trauma of the last year, healthcare was reeling from a bevy of changes and pressures. Nursing shortages, changing business models, […]


    Here in Massachusetts, Gov. Charlie Baker has launched the #MaskUpMA campaign to raise awareness and stimulate behaviors that will reduce the spread of COVID-19 in our state in the coming months.  His collective efforts to guide the public’s behavior during the pandemic follow the 4-Step Public Behavior Change Model, based on the work of leading […]

  • So What Now? Anticipating Fallout Issues In The Aftermath of COVID-19

    As with any crisis situation that an organization faces, things may quiet down and even get resolved (as in a strike), but there will likely be additional issues to consider in the aftermath.  This is particularly true for this pandemic – even as it continues, other issues will rear up, case in point: Amazon’s strikes […]

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