When conducting strategic planning for our clients, we discuss Values right along with Mission and Vision.  Not only what those values are, but how they are lived in their organization.  These clients are often looking at the organization’s values through the lens of day-to-day operations for the first time.  Frequently, they find that the values that are being “lived” are exactly the opposite to what they would espouse.  Correcting those behaviors are a first step to building a values-based organization that truly enhances both employee satisfaction and organizational outcomes.

JJ&W has had its own set of values, defined more than forty years ago. Though times have changed, they continue to encompass new ideas and old:   1) A Collaborative Approach, 2) Public Relations as a Social Science, 3) Approaching Problems Holistically, 4) Working with all sizes and types of organizations, 5) Confidentiality, 6) Continuity and Stability, 7) Professional Development, 8) Building Client “Muscle”, 9) Community and Public Service, 10) Being Ourselves. 

As we urge clients to do, we also reflect on these statements regularly to observe how we are – or are not – “walking the talk” on values. The good news – we’ve found that we continue to expand on them in new and different ways.  One of these, “Community and Public Service”, is ingrained in our culture – and we strive to find new ways to “give back” to a profession that has done so much for us.  We push ourselves to give back, and we also ask others to do the same. 

One way I am doing that now is through the Commission on Public Relations Education (CPRE), as I finish my second and final year as Co-Chair for Practitioners.  As part of this service, I have led the efforts to create a Research Panel that will enable the Commission to gather feedback from practitioners over many years in a quick way so that our educational institutions can remain on top of what should be taught to those who will soon graduate with a Public Relations degree – thus enhancing their professional life and that of the organizations where they work.

How You Can Help

You, too, can help “give back” in this way (a quick and easy opportunity) by volunteering to be part of this panel.  You will be surveyed no more than 4 times a year via a succinct, easy-to-complete online surveys.  Beyond that, we ask that you stay with us through your professional career so we can follow the progression of changes to the work you are doing. 

If this sounds like something that fits with your values and you would like to participate, take the screening survey at   Once CPRE builds out the cohorts of participants, the committee contacts will be in touch with you.

For more information on the Research Panel, contact  Thank you for giving back to this profession in all ways you do!

For more on CPRE, go to

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